Education and healthcare

Whether you are a patient, family member, visitor, volunteer or member of staff, being in hospital can be stressful and confusing enough. At ABB we provide emergency lighting products that exceed the stringent Australian Standards to provide peace of mind for those who need it the most.

For testing and monitoring there is no other choice than the Stanilite Nexus®  RF emergency lighting monitoring system. The Nexus RF system allows for luminaires to be tested in groups, with many hospital maintenance staff choosing to group test so that not all luminaires in each area are tested at the same time. This prevents the possibility of luminaires not having enough back-up battery power if there is a power failure shortly after an emergency light test is conducted.

Schools and educational establishments provide accommodation for millions of people every day. This high level of occupancy demands an optimum evacuation solution that must always remain fit for purpose. Specific rooms also require specific solutions. Stanilite has the right solution to meet all of these high demands.

For peace of mind, Stanilite products have the longest design life and warranties in the industry for emergency lighting.

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