We’ve moved! ABB explosion protective components and systems has a new website

August 17, 2016 - At ABB we are nothing if not innovative, always looking to improve and expand upon our vast array of electrical components, products and services. It’s how we’ve managed to achieve the very highest standards of quality and why we have such a renowned global reputation for reliability.

This customer-centric approach is also true of how we present our offering and communicate our thought leadership and ideas, particularly in the digital space. So we’re pleased to announce that our explosion protective components and systems website have moved to be fully integrated within the ABB global website – fitting all our product ranges to create a complete, total solution no matter what businesses and industries around the world ask of us.

Electrical engineers, contractors, electricians, specifiers, designers and planners can now access our full range of explosion proof solutions – including leading edge lighting, emergency lighting, junction boxes, control stations, custom-built control panels, conduits, fittings and glands for hazardous area applications – at the ABB global website: https://new.abb.com/low-voltage/hazardous

We suggest customers bookmark our new website for their convenience, and take a moment to familiarise themselves with the website’s new structure and layout. As an introduction to our new website, here’s a handy list of product section links that may be of help:

The ABB explosion protective components and systems team would love to hear your thoughts on our new website. Feel free to tweet us @abbhazardous and let us know your views.

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