B&R and ABB safety products

A perfect match

B&R provides industrial automation solutions and is the global center for machine and factory automation within ABB since 2017.

B&R offers safety PLC’s for processing lines or machines automated with B&R controllers.

The safety products from ABB Jokab Safety can be connected directly to B&R. The following B&R devices are required for this:

  • X20 SafeLOGIC controller
  • X20 CPU (since SafeLOGIC is not a standalone PLC)
  • Safe X20 I/O modules (to connect the safety devices)

The benefits of using ABB DYNlink sensors together with B&R


  • Highest level of safety (up to PL e/Cat3)
  • Certified, verified and reliable safety solution
  • Extensive fault detection
  • Several different types of safety sensors and devices available to suit all safety needs


  • The DYNlink signal significantly reduces the required number of cables and safe input channels which leads to more cost-effective solutions


  •  Easy connection with M12 connectors
  • A wide range of adaptors and connectors
  • Minimum amount of cabling simplifies installation

Compatible products

The safety products from ABB have been tested, verified and certified to work perfectly with the safety controllers of B&R, making ABB able to offer well tried and proven safety solutions together with B&R.


Dry contacts (potential free/zero volt)

B&R supports all ABB Jokab products with dry contacts.
For this use case, the B&R Safe I/O module provides a unique pulse signal which ensures best cable diagnostic.



B&R supports all ABB Jokab products with OSSD interface.
For this use case, the B&R Safe I/O provides a filter to avoid influencing the application by the OSSD low phase.



B&R supports all ABB Jokab products with DYNlink interface. (Available in mapp Safety from version 5.12)

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