GKey safety lock

Mechanical safety lock for demanding environments

GKey is a robust safety lock with a die cast housing for hinged and sliding doors. GKey offers an interlocking function reaching PL e/SIL 3 with high level coding. Power is needed to unlock GKey which makes GKey a safety lock. 

GKey is fitted with an rear escape release button, manual unlocking (auxiliary release) and offers four positions to integrate 22 mm pilot devices.
By integrating the pilot devices into the switch housing, the number of external boxes for emergency stops, push buttons and selectors are reduced – together with the cables and mounting brackets they would require. 
This results in a simplified installation, as well as less space used.

The simple construction with a sliding handle directly linked to the key and bolt - suitable both for hinged and sliding doors - minimizes the number of moving parts and the risk of mechanical problems.


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