Power distribution and UPS in a single, compact system


In the global information economy, data centers are essential industry infrastructure. Learn how MNS-Up makes growth simpler and faster.


MNS®-Up integrates tried and tested innovations to eliminate cabling and bulky bolt-ons that waste space. The system comprises: 

• ABB Conceptpower DPA 500 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 
• ABB MNS switchgear with Emax 2 circuit breakers 

Trusted UPS 
The Conceptpower DPA 500 was developed by ABB for data centers and other mission-critical facilities that demand zero downtime. Major international stock exchanges and data centers use Conceptpower DPA 500, the online, double-conversion UPS of choice worldwide. 

MNS-Up’s UPS modules use a decentralized parallel architecture. Each module has its own input switch, bypass, UPS and output switch. Each module’s hardware and software operates self-sufficiently. 
As a result, each module is isolated from failures anywhere else in the system. Each module can also be removed for maintenance without shutting down the UPS. 

Design-verified switchgear

MNS-Up combines the proven MNS switchgear with the space-saving new Emax 2 circuit breaker. With four decades of technical development and 1.5 million MNS systems installed around the world, it is the industry benchmark in operational safety, reliability and quality. 



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