Motor Operating Devices & Auto-Reclosing units

Empower your systems, with remote control and automation

Wherever continuity of services is critical, especially in installations that are not easily accessible, Motor Operating Devices (MODs) for MCBs and RCDs and Auto-Reclosing units (ARs) for RCCBs allow remote control of the connected protection devices. 

Motor Operating Devices (MODs) allow the remote control of the coupled device. They are particularly suitable in centralized systems (either large size or difficult to access) and whenever multiple daily intervention are needed such as unattended electrical lines, safety lines, unmanned stations. 

Auto-Reclosing units (ARs) are used to automatically operate the reclosing of the associated device in case of tripping caused by a temporary event such as overcurrent or lightning. Those devices are particularly suitable for unattended systems or when continuity of service must be guaranteed.

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Main benefits

Operational continuity

Keep your systems up and running to save costs and time.


Reduced size of installation thanks to slim product design as well as optimized performance.


A comprehensive range to cover a wide scope of applications and needs with the flexibility to expand the system according to your specific needs.


Fully integrate the ranges with the InSite energy management system through the compact communication modules.

Main features

  • Easy connection to main device toggle through adapter link
  • Clear terminal marking to ensure readability over time and prevent misuses
  • Easy coupling with a wide range of accessories and with dedicated communication interfaces
  • Frontal LED to clearly identify the device status
  • Frontal lever to disable remote command or automatic re-closures
  • Extended voltage ranges in two versions (24-48 V AC/DC and 230 V AC)
  • QR code to quickly access product main details and relevant documentation


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