E90 PV Fuse Holders and fuses for solar Photovoltaic applications

1000 V DC and 1500 V DC range of fuse holders and fuses for string protection

The E90 PV series of fuse holders have been specifically designed for photovoltaic applications. Thanks to their rated voltage of 1000 and 1500 V DC, they are perfectly suitable for protection of strings in photovoltaic applications. The compact size of these devices make them easy to be installed on DIN rails in a string combiner box or in an inverter.
During maintenance, they provide isolation of circuits and strings up to 1500 V DC, ensuring total safety.
E90 PV can be used in combination with E9F PV 10,3 x 38 gPV cylindrical fuses (1000 V DC applications) or in combination with E9F PV 1500 10 x 85 and 10/14x85 gPV cylindrical fuses (1500 V DC applications).


Main benefits     

  • High temperature performance thanks to venting grooves and cooling chambers that improve heat dissipation also for multipole configurations

  • IP 20 touch proof ensuring no possibility of getting in touch with live parts during operation or maintenance of fuse replacement ensuring personnel protection

  • In case of E90 PV for 1000 V DC applications, safety during maintenance operations can be further ensured by the possibility to seal the handle in close position and lock it in open position

  • Faster identification of faulty strings in case of fuse holders for 1000 V DC installations; thanks to the LED on the fuse holder which indicates the blown fuse

Main features   

  • Fuse holder 1000 V DC tested according to IEC 60947-3 (DC-20B) and UL listed according to UL 4248-1

  • Fuse holder 1500 V DC tested according to both IEC and UL standards (IEC 60269-1 and UL 4248-19)

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