pure stainless steel

Lasts a lifetime

Fascinatingly bold straight lines in a time proof material. It is pure stainless steel. Fingerprints? It is impossible, thanks to the unique finishing. An accord of aesthetics, functions and durability. Absolute quality. Pure stainless steel is simply permanent.

Main benefits

  • premium light switch range includes electronics (dimmers, movement detectors, temperature controllers, USB charging, blind controls, etc.)
  • includes also building automation products - KNX, free@home, door communication
  • special surface finishing avoiding fingerprints
  • screwless terminals (screw terminals in socket outlets available as well)
  • available certificates: VDE, ÖVE, KEMA, EAC, CE, CCC

Main features

  • pure stainless steel
  • up to 5-gang frames for horizontal and vertical installation
  • range 60 (60mm installation screw distance)
  • SCHUKO and PIN-earth socket outlets


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