Easy maintenance

Fast troubleshooting

"Just think if only the fault-affected zone could be highlighted. Problem-solving and repairs would be over in no time.
That’s always the case if you opt for a selective electrical network."

Easy maintenance means being able to activate service procedures as fast as possible if faults occur because you know exactly what has happened.

Whether you use an ECS (Electrical Control System) or not, if a minor fault trips a main switch, finding out where the problem is can be a long and tedious job.

When it comes to critical industrial processes (paper, rubber, plastics, glass, chemicals, petroleum industries, and many more), energy disruption is one of the worst scenarios.

Selectivity is now a standard feature of the digital industry, telecommunications and data centers included.

Every minute of power outage is incredibly costly. Creating a selective system from the start will save you time - and thus money - if sudden faults occur.

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