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Curves is an instant software for setting the trip characteristics of the protection devices and verifying selectivity between ABB circuit-breakers in low voltage plants.

Curves allows the visualization of the time-current, let-through-energy and peak limitation characteristics of ABB low voltage devices as well as cables and transformers.

Program main features are:

  • The support for setting solid-state trip units main protective functions;
  • The verification of the cable protection against overload, short-circuit and indirect contacts;
  • The verification of the selectivity and the back-up between ABB protective devices;
  • The export towards Ekip Connect to facilitate and speed-up the setting of the trip unit in the field.

To use Curves is very simple. You just need to:

  • Choose the device(s) to be viewed;
  • In case of circuit-breakers, set the available protection function in the dedicated panel;
  • Define the protection (e.g. cables) and the coordination (e.g. selectivity) to verify and adjust the protection function setting;
  • Choose the diagram to display (time-current, let-through energy, peak).

Curves is part of e-Design, the new software suite, designed and produced by ABB for all professionals working in the electrical sector: designers, panel builders, installers and wholesalers.

e-Design enables electrical system dimensioning, switchboard configuration and bill of material preparation optimizing processing times thanks to simple and integrated functionalities and to a complete ABB product portfolio. 

Install e-Design to get started with Curves!


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