Microgrid solutions for Communities and Utilities

Architectures, solutions and products

Visit the contents hereunder to see a reference about how ABB architectures, solution blocks and advanced products can be used to support the design and implementation of a Microgrid for e.g. smart districts or residential communities.

•  Eco-friendly

Maximize the prosumer use of sustainable DER sources like solar rooftops, community solar power plant and centralized CHP system.

•  Slow and fast e-vehicle charging satisfying all needs
•  Real time monitoring of power exchange with the utility grid to allow energy trading for VPPs.


•  System supporter

Guarantee reserve as an aggregated power plant for balancing system services

•  Minute2hour power management up to single load to answer automatic demand response requirements
•  Millisecond2second power change based on frequency

For more informations contact: @Smart Power Microgrids Solutions

Solution blocks


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