Dina Star

First delivery of Onboard DC Grid to Dina Star.

ABB’s first delivery of the Onboard DC grid was to Dina Star – a 93 meter long and 5000 DWT multipurpose offshore supply and construction vessel operated by Myklebusthaug Management. 

Platform Support Vessel (PSV) Dina Star, delivered to Norwegian offshore owner Myklebusthaug Offshore by Kleven Yard in April 2013, is the first powered with ABB’s full Onboard DC grid system to provide fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Dina Star with its Onboard DC Grid technology was nominated for the 2013 Energy Efficiency award at Nor-shipping. ABB is also granted Approval in Principle (AIP) from ABS for the Onboard DC Grid. Approval in principle confirms Onboard DC Grid’s suitability for marine application. The new system supports the growth of electrical propulsion systems onboard ships. 



Main data

Vessel name: Dina Star
Vessel type: Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
Owner: Myklebusthaug Offshore, Norway
Yard: Kleven Shipyard, Norway
Year of delivery: 2013
ABB solutions and scope of supply: Onboard DC Grid system, including all power, propulsion, automation and advisory systems
Automation solution PEMS
Remote diagnostic services
Main benefits: - Considerable reduction of fuel consumption
- Less maintenance of generator sets 
- Improved dynamic response and maneuverability 
- Increased space for payload 
- Ready for new energy sources 
- Fewer components to be installed 
- Reduced equipment footprint and weight 
- Easier cable installation 
- More flexible placement of components

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