ForSea - Zero Emission operation

ABB has powered the world’s largest battery ferries, Tycho Brahe and Aurora, with a high-profile conversion project.


The two ferries operated by ForSea on a 4km route between Denmark and Sweden have undergone conversion from a conventional diesel engine operations to battery power, becoming the world’s largest emission-free electric ferries.

The conversion project of the two ferries, originally built in 1991, included an installation of 4160 kWh battery on board each vessel. The scope of the project also included battery racks, ABB’s award-winning power distribution system Onboard DC Grid™, as well as energy storage control systems.

Tycho Brahe and Aurora annually transfer more than to 7.4 million passengers and 1.9 million vehicles between Helsingør, Denmark, and Helsingborg, Sweden.

“We are delighted that the entire system is in place to support the emissions-free operations we envisaged from the outset,” said Johan Röstin, CEO, ForSea. “This is a truly groundbreaking project and the work we have done with ABB will offer invaluable lessons for those following our lead.”

Main data

Vessel names: Tycho Brahe and Aurora
Vessel type: Passenger and car ferry
Owner: ForSea
ABB solutions and scope of supply: 4160 kWh batteries
Battery racks
Energy storage control system
Onboard DC Grid™
Automated shore-side charging stations
Main benefits:

Emission-free operation.

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