Akashia & Hamanasu

ABB delivered the CRP Azipod propulsion systems for two ferries for Shin Nikonhai Ferry Company.

In 2004, ABB delivered the CRP (Contra-Rotating Propulsion) Azipod propulsion systems for two RoPax Ferries built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for Shin Nihonkai Ferry Co. in Japan. With a maximum speed of 32 knots, the two 224.5-meter LOA single-skeg ferries, Akashia and Hamanasu, are currently the largest and fastest ferries in Japan.

Comparing the bunker consumption on the same route of two earlier fast ferries in the SNF fleet, Akashia and Hamanasu consume 20% less fuel, with corresponding reduction in emissions. Propulsion system also enhances maneuverability in adverse weather conditions and harbor operations. In 2010 MHI awarded ABB the contract to provide similar CRP propulsion systems for two additional fast RoPax ferry newbuilds for Shin Nihonkai.

Contra-rotating propulsion means that there are two propellers on the same line rotating in opposite directions. With CRP Azipod® propulsion, a steerable Azipod propulsion unit is installed in place of a normal rudder, aligned downstream of the main propeller. The Azipod propulsion propeller takes advantage of the rotative energy left in the slipstream of the forward propeller, providing significant efficiency gains. CRP Azipod® propulsion combines with most types of main propulsion.

Main data

Vessel name: Akashia & Hamanasu
Vessel type:  Ferry
Owner: Shin Nikonhai Ferry Company
Yard: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Japan
Year of delivery: 2004
ABB solutions and scope of supply: * 17,600 kW CRP Azipod propulsion installed in a contrarotating mode aft of the mechanically driven main propeller
* 27,000 kW, 6.6 kV Power Generation and Distribution
* Propulsion Power and Control System
Main benefits: Steadily increasing market demands for larger and faster ships have led to the development of CRP Azipod® propulsion, an innovative contra-rotating propulsion system that enhances efficiency up to 15% compared to other propulsion technologies.

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