June 2021 - Issue 2



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ABB Marine & Ports Updates


ABB future-proofs sustainable operation of Monterey Bay ocean research vessel

Upon delivery in 2023, the 50-meter-long vessel with 18 scientists and a crew of 12 on board will support MBARI’s work to study the depths of Monterey Bay and beyond. The vessel will enable further exploration of the Monterey Canyon – one of the deepest underwater canyons off the west coast of the United States that extends more than 470 kilometers offshore and plunges some 4,000 meters deep - supported by ABB’s electric, digital and connected solutions. Learn more via the link below: 





The steps to autonomy: safety first

ABB Marine & Ports team held a high-level roundtable discussion on the steps that need to be taken if we are to succeed in securing a sustainable future for the maritime industries. The discussion gathered, pre-pandemic, brought together a select group of maritime thought leaders and prominent industry representatives to exchange views in an open discussion covering a range of topics including Steps Toward Autonomy. You will find a summary of the discussion and suggestion on how to move forward, through the link below:





ABB TechTalks: Electric Ferries, the New Normal in North America

Ferry owners are now more than ever considering sustainable approaches for their vessels, but which technology works best? Is an electric ferry the new normal? The truth is there is not a “one size fits all” solution. Your operational profile will play a big role in selecting your electric propulsion system. If you missed our recent ABB TechTalks: Electric Ferries, the New Normal in North America you can still watch our recorded version and let us know: What do you think is the new normal in ferry electrification for North America?






Meet the team!


Meet Oleg Yefremov!

Oleg Victor Yefremov joined ABB Marine & Ports team in 2015, leading the Service Sales & Business Development of Canadian maritime government programs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Oleg has been instrumental in supporting the development of Canadian national maritime Programs. During his time at ABB, Oleg has been instrumental in securing many of our projects, including contracts below:

  • 10-year In-Service Support with Federal Fleet in support of ABB equipment on the Royal Canadian Navy ship JSS ASTERIX
  • Modernization of ten (10) Canada Coast Guard T1100& T1200 class icebreakers
  • 5-year National Individual Standing Offer is support of ABB equipment on all Canada Coast Guard ships

When he does not travel for work, Oleg loves to read novels by John Grisham, remixing music, traveling with family in US and Canada, gardening, taking care of his Persian cats, as well as enjoying several sport activities.

Oleg is a graduate of the Maritime Engineering Academy with a bachelor’s degree in marine systems, Business Management Diploma with Concordia University, and Business Development Certificates with The George Washington University. Oleg is a member in good standing of US Naval Institute, Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering, Canadian Defense Security Industries; member of Canada Coast Guard VLE working group; was privileged traveling with CCG to Canadian Arctic.

You can contact Oleg directly at
oleg.yefremov@ca.abb.com or his mobile +1 514-238-5556. Also, be sure to connect with Oleg on LinkedIn.


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