Dual Fuel, Electric plus (DFE+)

The new power and propulsion concept developed by ABB and MAN Energy Solutions will reduce carbon footprint and fuel costs as well as to increase the operating flexibility of liquified natural gas (LNG) carriers

The solution comprises the newest addition to MAN’s four-stroke portfolio, the LNG optimized MAN 49/60DF engine and ABB’s Dynamic AC system, which combines the merits of conventional AC with those of variable frequency to allow the engines to operate on optimal speeds – significantly improving total fuel consumption.

DFE+ could be installed with an energy storage solution to operate as a spinning reserve, or come coupled with ABB’s Azipod® electric propulsion. ABB and MAN will also explore integrating fuel cells as the technology matures.

The solution helps LNG carrier owners stay ahead of new IMO and EU regulations, allowing for adjustments of the power train to include alternative fuels and power sources  to meet future regulations, as well as shifting trade patterns.

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"The ABB – MAN propulsion concept aims to offer a highly effective way for LNG carriers to meet progressively tightening emissions regulations while also reducing fuel costs.“

Prof. George Dimopoulos, Scientific Advisor, DNV.

Solution highlights

Flexible; maintaining efficiency throughout the speed range.
Redundancy with 3 - 4 engines and a battery.
Prepared for easy installation of alternative power sources like fuel cells and others in the future.
Extra space for cargo (~ 6%*) *174kcbm3 ⇒ 185kcbm3
Can easily be prepared for future FSRU operation. 
Overall energy consumption improvement 6% to 7.5%


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