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Optimized and integrated power and propulsion system

Technology shifts in the Coast Guard market is now starting to align with the commercial technology focus, changes in overall fuel efficiency, drive for electric propulsion, the need for multiple power sources in an Integrated Power System. In add to offering a higher electrical load capacity, there are several other key benefits with choosing an optimized and integrated power and propulsion system.

The fully integrated systems from ABB is designed for optimized performance, saving weight, space, and fuel, resulting in adaptable and future proof vessels. Our solutions are highly configurable and resilient, providing increased operational flexibility and mission support. ABB's solutions ensure compatibility with future Coast Guard and Navy platforms and power sources, enabling flexible integration of propulsion systems, mission systems and sensors. As our solutions are more configurable than traditional systems, they are the optimum choice for modular vessel platforms designed to take on multiple mission requirements.


  • Redundancy Capabilities with standardized products 

  • Support for greater electrical loads – Integrated Full Electric Propulsion with load balancing 

  • Automation to support increased crew efficiency, from bridge to propeller.  

  • Life cycle services: Training, Spare parts, Technical support, Tools to support Fleet Based Maintenance and Diagnostics, and condition-based maintenance. 

  • Worldwide Offset Capabilities 

  • Superior maneuverability and favorable vessel noise and vibration signatures with Azipod® Propulsion 



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