July 2021



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Benefits of a DC-based power system 

When considering electrification of vessels, it is also important to look at all aspects of integration of the electrical systems. A DC-based power system enables simple, flexible, and functional integration of energy sources such as variable speed gensets and shaft generators, batteries, and fuel cells. A DC and power-electronics based power system also provides a unique platform for digital solutions onboard a vessel. Equipped with sensors and communication infrastructure, data is transmitted between systems in an instance. This gives access to information that enable the bridge to monitor and optimize their performance. And, better connectivity between ship and shore mean that performance management is taken to the next level. Learn more about our Onboard DC Grid™ in this short video. 












Maid of the Mist - Modern ferries after 175 years of tradition

Did you know that he first Maid of the Mist ferried passengers between Canada and the United States back in 1846? The amazing journey from a side-wheel steamboat to a fully electric and zero emission operations, the Maid of the Mist ferries have long tradition of innovation. 

Seeking a sustainable platform for their next generation of tourist ferries, Maid of the Mist found a natural solution in the all-electric option.  President Christopher Glynn shares their reasons for going electric, learn more about the process of electrifying the ferries in an exclusive interview:




Futureproof tugboat: efficient, sustainable and automated

What are the appropriate steps to take now to prepare for the vessel of the future? Many tug owners and operators are now looking into new technologies to ensure their vessels are safer and more efficient, while meeting new and more strict regulations.  But there isn’t a one size fits all, and the best approach is to work together with designers and technology providers to find best fit for your needs. 

In this article you will learn how to prepare for the changes to come and futureproof your tugboat now. 





Meet the team!



Electrifying tugs and towboats across America - Meet Dave Lee

With over 20 years of experience, Dave started his ABB career in 2018 and he was ready to take on the challenge to electrify tugs, towboats, and dredges. Responsible for the named short distance shipping segments, Dave Lee is also managing the development of the offshore wind initiative in the Americas. “These segments haven’t embraced the hybrid and electric wave yet but big things are coming to America in the near future” Said Lee in an recent interview.

And it is indeed coming, this year alone Dave was sought after by many trade publications for interviews and attendance during panel discussions addressing the electrification of tugs and towboats as well as decarbonization and sustainable operations of offshore wind vessels.  

Prior to joining ABB Marine & Ports, Dave spent 10 years at Michelin North America; and an additional 10 years combined at Jeffboat shipyard and parent company American Commercial Barge Lines.

Dave currently lives in Charlestown, IN with his wife Christa and his daughter Mya (who is 10 years old), and his son Kian (7 years old). “I have lived in the same area in Southern Indiana my whole life (right across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY). I grew up on a farm and with that I enjoy doing all kinds of stuff such as construction, vegetable & flower gardening, woodworking, working on cars, grilling, etc.” said Dave.

Dave loves working and relaxing outside (when the kids aren’t playing Roblox online with their friends
😊). Hanging out around the fire pit with his family making smores is one of their favorite activities. The Lee family also enjoys the beach, and every year they vacation in the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Dave graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN where he acquired his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Associate of Science in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology. He tries to get back to campus once a year to see a football or basketball game as he is a big sports fan and follows his Purdue Boilermakers, Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Reds closely.

You can contact Dave Lee at anytime to discuss electrification and hybridization of tugs and towboats, as well as the development of offshore wind industry in United States via David Lee
david.lee@us.abb.com. Be sure to also connect with Dave via LinkedIn to learn more about his latest achievements.


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