Two stroke diesel engine performance monitoring

A well-tuned and balanced engine consumes less fuel. Using the ABB Cylmate® System, fuel oil consumption can be reduced by around 1-2%, meaning a payback time of less than one year.

The reliability and performance of a vessel’s main engine is crucial to safe and economic vessel operation. Engine operators on ships and in power plants want to feel secure about diesel engine performance. The Cylmate® System provides both on-board engineers and a ship’s management with all of the key data required for optimum engine operation.


With the Cylmate® System, you can reduce maintenance and fuel costs – resulting in a short payback time.

ABB’s Cylmate® System is a comprehensive system for the continuous engine performance measurement and performance monitoring of large 2-stroke diesel engines. A unique combination of cylinder pressure and crank shaft position measurements, in combination with advanced mathematical modeling of the engine, provides highly accurate, real-time data for monitoring and diagnostic analysis. The quality of this data ensures major benefits in terms of improved reliability, reductions in operating costs and minimization of off-hire costs.



  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Performance monitoring 24/7 detects and identifies errors in the engine at a very early stage
  • An optimized engine enables compliance with environmental regulations
  • An engine in good balance avoids thermal and mechanical overloads by ensuring equal power distribution between cylinders
  • Pressure transducer used in the closed loop control applications of main engine builders
  • Alarm monitoring and trend data recording provides information crucial to optimizing maintenance costs




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