Marine Automation: modernization and energy efficiency

ABB has decades of experience and highly specialized expertise in designing automation retrofits and upgrading solutions for any size of Marine application project, for smarter vessels and rigs.

Little focus has been placed on the possibility of increase energy efficiency at the same time. For example, energy efficiency improvements in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, can create substantial fuel savings onboard a vessel.

Retrofit solutions are available for the following onboard processes
  • Machinery Alarm & Monitoring System
  • Vessel Integrated Control System
  • Power Management System
  • Propulsion Control System
  • Engine Safety System
  • ESD
  • Cargo Alarm & Monitoring System
  • HVAC System, Shore Connection and other Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Energy Monitoring and Management

Benefits for the ship owner
  • Automation retrofit can be combined with ABB’s Advisory Systems, for an increase in overall awareness of energy production and consumption onboard.
  • Automation system can be used to control variable frequency drives in pump and fan applications, in order to increase energy efficiency.

Maximum efficiency: System for process automation enables
  • Systems run closer to peak efficiency, reducing waste and consumption
  • Higher output and quality per unit of energy used
  • Ability to manage environmental impact
  • Product innovation
  • Sustainability in supply chain
  • Improved health and safety

Integrating electrical equipment increases uptime and overall energy efficiency
ABB is leading the trend in integrating process automation and power management systems. System 800xA is fully compliant with the IEC 61850 standard, enabling the integration of process control, electrical systems, power generation and distribution into one and the same system, on the same vessel. This creates savings over the system lifecycle, thanks to a smaller footprint, lower power consumption and reduced risk of blackouts.




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