High efficiency motors

Motors must meet the highest quality, availability and various standards in all motor driven applications onboard a vessel, which are many, and all vital for operations.

There are a many different kinds of motor driven applications onboard a vessel. Typical applications are fans, pumps, cranes, winches, compressors, thrusters and propulsion.


In addition to the mentioned requirements, energy efficiency has become one of the main purchasing criteria. Since a motor consumes its capital investment in electricity in a couple of months, account must be taken of the total cost of ownership when planning an investment. ABB meets these challenges based on the widest portfolio of motors on the market, from fractional kW up to tens of MW’s.


  • High availability of motors, throughout low temperature rise
  • High quality, lower maintenance, longer lifetime
  • Highest output from the smallest size; space and weight savings
  • Fully compatible with various starting methods, DOL, Y/D, auto-trafo, soft starter, variable frequency drive
  • Meeting the highest efficiency requirements, especially in all load points
  • Wide range of motors already approved by the major classification societies
  • Worldwide technical support
  • Degrees of protection up to IP56 for open deck


Savings and payback time

ABB offers a broad range of motors already fulfilling the IE4 efficiency performance standard specified in IEC 60034 and IEC 60034-31. ABB’s solutions consist of IE4 induction motors, the IE4 synchronous reluctance motor and drive package, and permanent magnet motors. For low voltage motors, the payback time is typically 2-3 years in the case of a replacement. When considering a new investment, the typical payback time for a higher IE efficiency performance class is less than one year.



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