ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System OCTOPUS

A sophisticated yet flexible advisory system is needed as the operators are being more environmentally concious, cost focused due to increase of bunkering cost and the international legislation has started to demand fuel monitoring and reporting.

ABB Ability™ Marine advisory system OCTOPUS answers all the requirements of individual operator through the diversified marine segments. The OCTOPUS advisory system is modular and lean architecture allowing rapid development of new features and seamless integration through ABB’s solutions and services as well as industry standard cloud to cloud integration possibilities.

The wide range of OCTOPUS modules cover different aspects of energy optimization and minimizing the affect of environmental conditions on individual vessels as well as on complete fleet level including trusted motion monitoring and motion forecasting system. The OCTOPUS advisory system can be easily retrofitted or installed to a new building at the ship yard. Through industry standard interfaces data collection is seamless and easy to set-up.

Benefits of ABB OCTOPUS advisory system

  • Short pay-back-time through data driven operations
  • Comprehensive energy, fuel and efficiency monitoring and bench marking tool
  • Maritime industry’s most trusted motion monitoring and motion forecasting system

ABB Ability™ Marine Fleet Portal – single platform for onshore monitoring and analysis
ABB has brought its marine offering under single cloud platform called the Marine Fleet Portal. Single access provides access to all information ranging from Azipod propulsion unit’s bearing temperature, motion behavior, to Fleetwide overview on energy efficiency. The Marine Fleet Portal also includes all documents and tickets between the customer and ABB for improved and transparent communication.

ABB Ability™ Marine Fleet Portal – Fleet Intelligence
The latest edition within the OCTOPUS portfolio functions as an add-on towards the Fleet Portal. This module provides onshore insight and smart KPI's dashboards towards vessel and fleet performance, ultimately leading to increased fuel and performance efficiency. Intuitive charts and gauges visualize important performance characteristics and provide onshore staff with the right toolset to determine new criteria and room for improvement when it comes to optimization of fuel and energy and overall vessel performance.



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