IEC indoor cassettes and frames PowerCube

A brick to build your solution

Medium voltage preassembled units to be used as components for primary distribution air-insulated switchgear, from simple L-Frame to modules with complete apparatus and cable access compartments

Key benefits

  • Flexible portfolio of solutions for panel builders and OEMs to design their own customized panel configurations
  • Technical support for design and testing
  • Possible to maximize panel builder and OEM value, depending on needs and requirements
  • Flexibility in hosting different types of apparatus and quenching techniques to fulfill customer specifications
  • Embedded safety features

Key features

  • Rated at up to 36 kV, 4000 A, 50 kA
  • Arc proof doors up to 50kA and pretested and assembled interlocks between apparatus and PowerCube units
  • Variety of units available, from circuit breakers to contactors (including contactors with a reduced footprint of 400 mm) or measurement with one or two VT trucks to risers and service truck solutions
  • Broad portfolio from L-frames, to cassettes and preassembled modules
  • Different types of apparatus can be used in an interchangeable unit independently from panel design



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