IEC indoor vacuum contactor VSC

The motor and capacitor switching solution

V-Contact VSCs are suitable for controlling electrical apparatus in industry, the service sector, the marine sector, etc. Thanks to the breaking technique with vacuum interrupters, they can operate in particularly difficult environments. They are suitable for the control and protection of motors, transformers, power factor correction banks, switching systems, etc.

Key benefits

  • Reduced total cost of ownership due to reduced need for electrical power and reduced maintenance
  • Native diagnostics ensure low risk of loss of service continuity
  • Environmentally friendly: recyclable unit with low power consumption, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions
  • Flexible: voltage setting by dip switches, fused free standing, capacitor bank version
  • Low sensitivity to voltage dips due to delayed undervoltage function

Key features

  • Rated at up to 12 kV, 400 A, 6 kA unfused; 50 kA with SCPD (normal fuses)
  • Vacuum interrupters insulated by casted partitions
  • Magnetic actuator controlled by electronic board and storing capacitors
  • Native diagnostics function on request: temperature monitoring and control of storing capacitors
  • Dedicated version suitable for single and back-to-back capacitor bank switching

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