OEM switchgear components

MV switchgear components for OEM panel builders, up to 15 kV, 3000 A, 63 kA and 27 kV, 2000 A, 25 kA

OEM switchgear components are manufactured to meet current medium voltage industry standards. The designs are UL recognized, providing a modular building block approach for installation into new and existing switchgear configurations. They are used with ADVAC, AMVAC, and Vmax/A circuit breakers.

Voltage 5/15 kV 27 kV 12/17.5 kV 24 kV 36/40.5 kV
Short Time Current (symmetrical) up to 63 kA up to 25 kA up to 50 kA up to 25 kA up to 31.5 kA
Continuous Current up to 3000 A up to 2000 A up to 4000 A* up to 2500 A* up to 3150 A*

*with forced air cooling

Why ABB?

  • Complete Autocad drawings are available for easy integration
  • Compartment kits include the primary assemblies and components required
  • Designed to provide efficient interface of the ADVAC, AMVAC or Vmax/A circuit breakers

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