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Fault current limiting

ABB's fault current limiters are the efficient solution for short-circuit current challenges in newly installed and existing electrical networks.

The vast global increase in energy demand requires additional power generation and reliable, efficient complex meshed power distribution. A trend towards growing decentralized power production is likely to considerably alter today´s grid structure. One of the key challenges for both private and public enterprises is the reliable and economic protection against increasing fault current levels.

The short-circuit withstand capability of electrical systems may be exceeded in case generators or transformers are added, existing power sources are operated in parallel or the system topology is modified. In case of a short-circuit fault, the electrical equipment is stressed with the maximum fault current, which exceeds the short-circuit withstand capability of the system. The replacement of existing switchgear and cable connections with new equipment of higher short-circuit withstand capability is in most cases technically and economically not viable. ABB´s fault current limiters are the efficient solution for short-circuit current problems in newly installed and existing electrical networks.

Wide range of applications

  • Combining very high and fast fault current breaking capability with high operating currents
  • High power industries such as paper mills, refineries, chemical industries, steel or aluminum mills
  • Utilities such as energy suppliers or power stations
  • “Green Energy” such as waste heat recovery generation, combined heat production, hydro power, biomass or wind power production
  • Highly sensitive systems such as data center, laboratories or offshore installations

Why ABB?

  • Fault current limiters up to 40.5 kV, 5000 A and a switching capability of 210 kArms breaking capability
  • Experience in the complex field of fault current limitation since 1958
  • System extension without replacing existing electrical equipment
  • Equipment protection by reducing short-circuit current energy and respectively limiting stress on
    electrical components
  • Cost-efficient due to repair work minimization and the possibility to use lower rated equipment
  • Safe protection of electrical installations, equipment and systems by immediate separation from the fault affected network
  • Cost-and eco-efficient due to minimization of electrical losses and refurbishment of tripped inserts 
  • Cogeneration-Integration of distributed power generation to fully loaded system
  • Ready for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Available as loose components and fully type tested switchgear solutions

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