Fault current limiting

ABB's fault current limiters are the efficient solution for short-circuit current challenges in newly installed and existing electrical networks.

The growing energy demand and the need for stable power supply are some of the major challenges faced by consumers, power producers and network operators.

Each distribution equipment in an electrical network has a certain permissible short-circuit withstand capability. Plant expansion, power source additions, and distribution topology changes cause the short-circuit fault level to increase whereby the withstand capability of the equipment can be exceeded and the resulting dynamic (peak short-circuit current) and thermal stresses will have hazardous consequences for equipment, personnel and environment.

The IS-limiter™ and the FC-Protector® limit the short-circuit current before the first current peak is reached so that the equipment rating is not exceeded.
They isolate the fault affected part of the network within micro seconds (μs). They facilitate flexible power distribution, power system expansion, independent power production, reactor replacement and many more such applications without considering the equipment short-circuit withstand capability as a constraint.

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