IEC outdoor AC railways vacuum circuit breaker FSK II+

MV single or two-phase circuit breaker with magnetic actuator designed for railway power supply up to 27.5 kV, 2500 A, 25 kA / 31.5 kA.

FSK II+ is an evolutionary process that builds on the success established by the FSK II over the past 10 years thanks to key advantages such as the use of environmentally friendly N2 (nitrogen), its reduced footprint and the VE1 single vacuum interrupter, yet it also incorporates some important innovations, such as the externally bolted HV terminals and the polymeric insulators. The FSK II + is  electromechanically compatible, as well as offering a high level of flexibility and reliability to meet individual requirements.

 Why ABB?

  • Alternative technologies with low environmental impact
  • Polymeric insulator
  • Same design for single-phase and two-phase configurations
  • On Site configurable High Voltage Terminations orientation
  • Compact footprint 

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