ANSI / IEC MV outdoor vacuum reclosers OVR

Single and three phase reclosers with a solid dielectric insulator designed for feeder automation applications up to 38 kV, 1250 A. A field-proven solution towards creating a smart grid and allowing grid optimization

ABB’s OVR recloser is one of the most flexible devices for network automatic restoration. In addition to reliability improvement and reduction of SAIDI, SAIFI, and MAIFI indexes, the ABB's OVR recloser can be used as an automatic load break switch or as a sectionalizer. This flexibility in functionality makes the OVR recloser the perfect solution for a smarter grid.

Product scope

  • OVR-3:  three phase 15-38 kV, 630-1250 A, magnetic actuated, no oil or SF6, and no electronics on the HV side, PCD controller with power supply capable of 48-hour carryover
  • OVR-3SP: three phase 15-38 kV, 630-1250 A,  the same functionality of the OVR-3, but with three separate poles for mounting flexibility
  • OVR-1: single phase 15.5-27 kV, 400-800 A, meets multiple load requirements, simple controller with 19 programmable curves
  • Recloser controls: PCD used with OVR-3 and OVR-3SP; RER615 used with OVR-15; ICD used with OVR-1

Why ABB?

  • Modular design for easy serviceability in the field
  • No electronics in the HV cabinet eliminates high cost maintenance
  • Independent actuators enable single phase tripping capability
  • Current and voltage sensors embedded in the poles
  • Pole insulation withstands harsh environmental conditions including very heavy contamination, exceeding IEC level 4 requirements for creepage

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