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Arc fault protection module REA 101

Arc fault mitigation devices

REA 101, the main module of the REA arc fault protection system, operates as a stand-alone device or in combination with other REA 101 modules and with extension modules of type REA 103, REA 105 or REA 107.


  • Reliable and fast arc fault mitigation device for air-insulated low voltage or medium voltage switchgears

Product benefits

  • Enables redundant, instantaneous and fail-safe arc fault protection
  • Minimizes material damage, increases operating personnel safety and allows smooth power restoration
  • Reliable and fast arc fault protection based on optical arc flash detection (AFD) with fiber-optic light sensor
  • Nuisance free operation can be secured with secondary criteria: Simultaneous detection of three-phase overcurrent or two-phase and neutral overcurrent with adjustable thresholds
  • Self-supervision system continuously monitors the operating voltages, the fiber-optic loop sensors used for arc flash detection, the integrity of the cabling between the main module and the extension modules, and the fiber-optic signal links between the main modules

Product features

  • Supports one loop or radial type fiber sensor, or one lens-type point sensor for arc light detection
  • Three low burden current measuring inputs for connection of protection core CTs
  • Two high-speed IGBT outputs for direct CB tripping in less than 1 ms
  • Supports wide area system extension with two fiber-optic links for fast transfer of either Light, Overcurrent or Trip signals between the main REA 101 modules, also over long distances up to 2 kms
  • For each REA 101 main unit up to 10 extension units can be connected
  • One conventional relay output for circuit-breaker failure protection or as an alarm output
  • Transparent, sealable IP54 front cover available

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