Arc fault detection system REA

A fast and selective arc fault mitigation for air-insulated low voltage and medium voltage switchgear is a natural constituent of modern switchgear panels and a safety and security investment for older switchgear panels to protect human lives and prevent or reduce material damage.

The function of the REA arc fault protection system is based on detecting the intense light of an arc flash alone or on a detection of arc flash light and simultaneous phase or neutral overcurrent. On detection of an arc fault, the REA arc fault protection system delivers trip commands in less than 2.5 ms to all circuit breakers that feed the fault zone. Furthermore, the operation indicators of the REA arc fault protection system guide the maintenance staff to quickly localize the fault zone.

  • REA 101 main module: can operate as a stand-alone device or in combination with other REA 101 modules and with the extension modules
  • REA 103 extension module: extending the arc flash detection area by two sensor fibers in loop or radial arrangement
  • REA 105 extension module: detecting the arc with loop-type or radial sensor fiber, two high-speed semi-conductor outputs for tripping CBs, can serve as over current information link between two REA 101 main modules
  • REA 107 extension module: detecting the arc with with eight lens sensors in radial arrangement

Product benefits

  • Minimizes material damage, increases operating personnel safety and allows smooth power restoration

Product features

  • Enables redundant, instantaneous and fail-safe arc fault protection
  • Arc flash detection (AFD) based on fiber-optic light sensors
  • Integrated fast overcurrent detection to secure nuisance-free trip decision
  • Fiber-optic sensors can be used as supervised fiber loops or radial fibers, also lens type sensors available

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