Extension module REA 105

Arc fault mitigation devices

The REA 105 module detects light and carries out tripping if the main REA 101 module simultaneously provides an overcurrent signal. REA 105 modules are typically used for main-tie-main configured switchgears or as selective arc monitoring and tripping units for the cable termination zones.


  • Zone selective extension unit for the main REA101 module with direct CB tripping capability

Product benefits

  • Extends the arc flash detection area by one fiber sensor in loop or radial arrangement
  • Enables zone-selective tripping schemes for busbar sections or feeders
  • Serves as overcurrent-status-transmitting link between two REA 101 main modules

Product features

  • Supports one loop or radial-type fiber sensor, or one lens-type sensor for arc light detection
  • Two high-speed IGBT outputs for direct and selective CB tripping in less than 1 ms
  • Carries out tripping also whenever the connected REA 101 module(s) trip
  • Circuit breaker failure protection with delayed light signal to the main REA 101 module

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