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Relay Retrofit Program for REX 521 relay

Reliable and secure power distribution

ABB’s Relay Retrofit Program for REX 521 offers smooth and controlled replacement of existing REX 521 protection relays with new developments from the Relion® 615 series, representing the latest protection and control technology. The result is extended switchgear lifetime, full availability of relay life cycle services, and the possibility to adapt the power protection system to meet new requirements.

The various phases of the retrofit project can be accurately scheduled and timely executed to minimize downtime of the production or power distribution processes. Further, the Relay Retrofit Program for REX 521 relay can be used to improve the protection system by implementing new functionality, such as arc fault protection, and by enhancing the horizontal and vertical transfer of information.

A carefully planned and smoothly implemented retrofit program generates added value, and the extended equipment life cycle grants time for forthcoming decision making. The program is based on the use of relays from the Relion® 615 product family as replacement devices, on pre-designed installation accessories.

The solution widens the existing service portfolio thereby enabling the longer expected life cycle of the remaining switchgear components and providing advantages of latest technology products including the increased safety by enabling features such as arc fault protection

Supported retrofit project phases

The Relay Retrofit Program for REX 521 supports the entire replacement process – from engineering, through installation, to testing of the  relay - and covers:

  • Always included
    • Relion 615 series replacement relay with prewired terminals and mounting assembly
    • Documentation
  • For installation personnel
    • Configuration template for replacement relay
    • Cutting tool
  • On demand
    • Relion® 611/615 BIO-Tester (for stand-alone 615 relay)
    • Training

Product characteristics

The Relay Retrofit Program for REX 521 protection relay consists of the following replacement devices, tools and accessories, documentation:

  • Selected replacement relay types belong to the Relion® 615 product family and their functionality corresponds to that of the existing REX 521 relays.
  • Mounting assembly with prewired terminals minimizes the need for re-wiring as well as reduces the need for update of existing schematic drawings.
  • Configuration migration template defines Relion® relay configuration equivalent to REX 521 standard configuration.
  • Specially developed cutting tool enables a precise quality cut and reduces the requirement of time consuming panel measurements.

Program benefits

  • Controlled and repeatable procedure for replacing REX 521 relays with new 615 series relays
  • All-in-one program for successful and timely scheduled execution of retrofit projects – saving time and money
  • Minimized shutdown time due to fast and easy installation with no major new wiring
  • Enhanced personnel safety with access to the latest protection and control functionality
  • Benefit of the latest software developments
  • Extended switchgear lifetime with new protection relay and technology
  • Future-proof protection solution with IEC 61850 standard-based Relion 615 series relays
  • Assured, future availability of life cycle services
  • Easy, fast and exact machining of existing panel cutout with handheld all-in-one cutting tool

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