Monitoring and Control Unit REC 523

The remote monitoring and control unit REC 523 is designed to be used for remote and local control, protection and fault indication, condition monitoring, supervision and automation of secondary substations in medium voltage networks.

Not active product since 2019

REC 523 can be used with various ring main units (RMUs), air-insulated and SF6-insulated disconnectors, switches and other remotely controlled substation secondary equipment.

REC 523 can be connected to conventional current and voltage transformers or to the ABB current and voltage sensors. The freely programmable LED display facilitates status indication of local I/Os and thus also of the RMU, disconnectors or switches.

By using the benefits of a multi-processor environment you can achieve increased performance.

REC 523 incorporates a wide range of functions, such as protection, measurement, power quality, control, condition monitoring and communication.


  •  Remote control and monitoring unit

Product benefits

  • Reliable and robust for even the most remote locations
  • Offers every function you need
  • Precise, real time measurement
  • Reliable fault indication and protection
  • Faster switching, reduced outage time

Product features

  • Remote control and monitoring unit for the control of medium voltage disconnectors, switches, ring-main units and other substation secondary equipment
  • Current and voltage measurement by means of conventional transformers or current and voltage sensors
  • Extended functionality for protection and fault indication, control, measurement, condition monitoring, power quality and communication

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