Training offering for digital substation products

Learn how to use your digital substation product to its full potential

ABB's Digital Substation Products training and learning centers offer a wide range of training opportunities to ensure you get the most out of your digital substation product, with a special focus on Relion® protection and control relays. Choose from interactive classroom training and hands-on sessions in our modern training facilities, e-learning courses and webinars online, or courses tailored to your specific needs on-site, in your own language. Whatever you choose, our experienced and skilled trainers will give you access to the latest on your subject of choice. We will help you learn the best, safest and most efficient way to use your digital substation product to ensure safe and reliable operation, maximized product lifetime and reduced downtime – with optimal return on investment as a result.

Our offering ranges from the basics of relay operation to in-depth product-specific training in engineering. It provides an overview of our digital substation products offering as well as deeper insights into a pick of our bestselling and latest products. The training offering also covers hot topics such as cyber security and trends in advanced fault management, to mention a few. Sound product knowledge, together with a holistic understanding of protection and control, ensures you can use your product safely and to its full potential.

Training coverage


  • Training for digital substation products


  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Maximized product lifetime
  • Minimized downtime
  • Optimal return on investment


  • Wide range of training opportunities, including fully customized training courses, for excellence and confidence in operating your digital substation product
  • Online, classroom or on-site training for your convenience
  • All training courses available remotely over a secure VPN connection – with access to protection relays in our training facilities
  • Modern training facilities in ABB’s Digital Substation Products learning centers for interactive classroom training, including hands-on sessions
  • Wide variety of e-learnings, webinar recordings and videos easily accessible anytime, anywhere

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