Trip circuit supervision relay SPER 1B1 C4

Continuous monitoring of circuit-breaker trip circuits and other essential control circuits

The trip circuit supervision relay SPER 1B1 C4 is used for supervising important control circuits such as circuit-breaker and disconnector control circuits and signalling circuits in power electrical installations. Generally one supervision relay is needed per circuit to be supervised. If several branches of a circuit are to be supervised, the required number of relays can be connected to the same control circuit.

The SPER 1B1 C4 is composed of a standard 11-pin plug-in relay unit and a corresponding terminal socket for rail-mounting.

ABB trip circuit supervision relays are also available in COMBIFLEX design, please see products SPER 1C1 and SPER 1C2.


  • Relay for man or backup circuit supervision

Product benefits

  • Immediate information about faults

Product features

  • Continuous monitoring of circuit-breaker trip circuits and other essential control circuits
  • Preset operate time preventing unwanted alarm signals at circuit-breaker operation
  • Indication of relay operation with LED indicator on the front panel and output relay
  • Detects bad contact, contact welding and auxiliary voltage failures in the supervised circuit

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