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Relion® test box RTB615

The Relion® test box RTB615 provides a convenient user interface between 615 series IEDs’ plug-in units and the secondary injection and testing device. The 615 series IEDs' plug-in unit can be removed from its original case and inserted into the RTB615. The IED plug-in unit can be powered up either using the RTB615 internal power source, or an external 48 VDC power source. All the IED’s analog inputs, as well as the binary input and output interfaces, are readily available on the RTB615 front plate for connection to the secondary injection and testing device.



Additional test switches and test LEDs are provided as part of the RTB615. The IED itself is not included in the RTB615 delivery. The switches can be wired to the IED interface terminals as desired to simulate process signals connected to the IED. In the same manner the LEDs can be connected to the relevant interface terminals to indicate the operation of the IED's binary output.

Why ABB?

  • Speed-up commissioning and/or periodical testing of your 615 series IED plug-in units on site
  • Carry out pre-commissioning tests of your 615 series IED plug-in units even before installation
  • Verify the application configuration modifications conveniently with loose 615 series IEDs
  • Get the most out of the ready-made XRIO-based 615 series IED test templates

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