Relay Retrofit Program

Targeting reliable and secure power distribution

ABB has developed a complete Relay Retrofit Program, which focuses on the smooth and controlled replacement of existing protection relays with modern protection and control IEDs. The program includes all the devices, accessories, hardware and software tools and documentation (manuals) needed for a timely scheduled and controlled execution of retrofit projects. The various phases of the retrofit project can be accurately scheduled and timely executed to minimize downtime of the production or power distribution processes. Further, the Relay Retrofit Program can be used to improve the protection system by implementing new functionality, such as arc fault protection, and by enhancing the horizontal and vertical transfer of information.

A carefully planned and smoothly implemented retrofit program generates added value, and the extended equipment life cycle grants time for forthcoming decision making. The program is based on the use of IEDs from the Relion® product family as replacement devices, on pre-designed installation accessories - and on the use of a dedicated migration tool. 

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Program deliverables

For a smooth retrofit of the below listed protection relays to new Relion® IEDs the following tools and accessories are available:
 Project phase  Tools/accessories
Engineering - IED Migration Support Tool (MST)
- Cutting tool
- Cover plates
- Wiring markings and harnesses
Testing - Relion Test Box RTB615
- Replacement IED test templates

Documentation is found for each step of the project phases.

Relay retrofits

 Currently supported replacements:

Relay to be replaced  New replacement IED
MCX 912 REM615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. A
MCX 913 REM615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. A
SPAJ 140 C REF615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. C
SPAJ 141 C REF615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. C
SPAJ 142 C REF615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. C
SPAM 150 C REM615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. A
SPAU 130 C REU615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. A
SPAU 320 C1 REU615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. A
SPAU 330 C1 REU615 5.0 FP1 IEC, std. conf. A


  • A controlled and repeatable procedure for replacing existing protection relays with modern IEDs

Product benefits

  • Ensure the extended life cycle of switchgear
  • Offers substantial savings in time and resources with a very fast and structured replacement process
  • Replacement relay is a standardized and future-proof Relion® 615-series product
  • Use of same relay types enables ease of maintenance
  • Fast and simplified testing of the replacement relay
  • Optional built-in arc fault protection enhances personnel safety

Product features

  • Easy parameter migration using Migration Support Tool (MST)
  • Professional cutting tool for silent, fast and safe extension of the existing panel cut out
  • Ready-made wire markings and wiring harnesses
  • Relion test box RTB615 for fast and simplified testing
  • Omicron test templates for replacement relays
  • Cover plates to adjust the size of the cut out
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