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Relay retrofit kits

Targeting reliable and smooth system retrofits

ABB has developed relay retrofit kits to ensure a smooth installation of replacement protection and control relays. These mechanical replacement kits include pre-fabricated plates, which are needed for a timely scheduled and controlled execution of retrofit projects.

The offering is based on the use of protection and control relays from the Relion® product family as replacement devices and on pre-designed mechanical replacement kits.

There are kits available for the following previous generations of relays:

  • ASEA / ABB Combiflex 19’’4U set-up
  • BBC S-series relay as flush mounted
  • Three BBC S-series relays as flush mounted side-by-side
  • Strömberg SP_J40 relay as flush mounted
  • Two Strömberg SP_J3 relays as flush mounted side-by-side
  • Strömberg SP_J6 relay as flush mounted
  • Strömberg SP_J3 or SP_J6 relays in a 19’’ rack assembly
  • Strömberg SPA 300 series relay as flush mounted
  • Strömberg SPAC 630 relay as flush mounted
  • Strömberg SPAC 510/520/530 relay as flush mounted

Why ABB? 

  • Ensure a smooth installation process in relay retrofit projects
  • The kits are standardized and developed for the highly-acclaimed Relion family relays
  • Substantial savings in time and resources with pre-fabricated plates
  • Pre-fabricated plates guarantee compatibility with the mechanical design of the replacement relay

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