Generator protection relay SPAG 330 C

Not active product since 2007

The SPAG 330 C numerical generator protection relay applies for the protection of small and medium sized power generators and their prime movers. The generator protection relay is used in small hydropower plants, thermal power stations and other stationary power plants. Further, the relay is approved for use in marine and off-shore applications. The generator protection relay SPAG 330 C is often used for the protection of directly connected generators with solidly earthed neutrals.


  • Generator protection relay for small and medium sized power generators

Product benefits

  •  Protection of generator assets

Product features

  •  Off-the-shelf generator protection relay for land-based and marine power plant applications
  • Two-stage overvoltage protection andreverse power protection
  • Three-phase time overcurrent and short-circuit protection
  • Two-stage residual current or neutral current earth-fault protection
  • Compact and robust mechanical design in an aluminium case to IP 54
  • Local man-machine communication via push-buttons and digital displays on the front panels of the relay modules
  • With or without serial interface for connecting the relay to higher-level data acquisition systems, local or remote control systems or other host systems via optical fibres
  • Local operation indication via LED indicators with memory function and via the digital display
  • High immunity to electrical and electromagnetic interference
  • Continuous self-supervision of relay hardware and software for enhanced system reliability and availability
  • Auto-diagnostic fault indication to facilitate fault location and repairt
  • Member of the SPACOM product family and ABB’s Substation Automation system


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