Protection system simulator SIM600

Not active product since 2010

The Protection System Simulator SIM600 is a general-use simulation and visualization appliance for protection and control systems. Enhanced with optional voltage and current amplifiers, the appliance forms a complete simulation solution for protection relay systems.

The programmable SIM600 is a microprocessor-based stand-alone appliance which can also be used in combination with a PC. The computer serves as a programming tool for SIM600 and at the same time as a user interface for the simulator.

SIM600 provides increased understanding of protection relay schemes and solutions and so also increased operational safety and reliability of the control system. 


  • Simulation and visualization appliance for protection and control systems

Product benefits

  • SIM600 can be used for different applications, for example product demonstration purposes, education, training, product development, and functional testing of protection relays

Product features

  • The SIM600 product consists of  Protection System Simulator SIM600, SIM600 Editor software and SIM600 Runtime software.

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