Substation monitoring system SMS 510

Not active product since 2009

SMS 510, the program for Substation Monitoring, is your eye into the power process. With SMS 510 you have an overall substation monitoring system giving you essential information about your electrical transmission and distribution process.

SMS 510 is the successor of the proven SMS 010 substation monitoring packages. To secure your earlier investment, SMS 510 provides advanced import and export facilities ensuring continuity with your existing SMS 010 applications.

SMS 510 supports the ABB range of products with SPA or LON communication. It can be easily expanded to a larger SMS system or stepwise upgraded to a full-fledged SCS system. SMS 510 is also fully consistent with CAP 501 and CAP 505 stand-alone tool packages as well as the LIB 500 application libraries.

SMS 510 can be used either locally at the station or remotely via a modem. Using a public telephone network or a standard TCP/IP network for remote use, SMS 510 provides you the most cost-efficient way to realise substation monitoring. 


  • Substation monitoring system

Product benefits

  • Substation monitoring system giving essential information about the electrical transmission and distribution processes

Product features

  • Base System
  • RED 500 Support
  • SPACOM Support
  • REB 500/RE.x16 Support
  • REx 5xx Interface
  • HV/Collect
  • DR-Collector Tool

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