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Three-phase voltage relay SPAU 130 C

Not active product since 2009

The three-phase voltage relay SPAU 130 C is intended to be used for over- and undervoltage protection and supervision in distribution substations. The relay can also be used for over- and undervoltage protection of generators, motors and transformers. Generally, the relay measures the three phase-to-phase voltages of the system, but it can also be programmed for single-phase measurement.

The overvoltage stage can be given definite time characteristic or inverse time characteristic. The undervoltage stage features definite time characteristic alone. An external control signal can be used to block the operation of the undervoltage stage. The relay forms a whole including over- and undervoltage stage as well as flexible trip and alarm functions. 


  • Combined overvoltage and undervoltage protection

Product benefits

  • Protecting generator, motor and transformer assets

Product features

  • Combined overvoltage and undervoltage protection relay
  • Three-phase definite time or inverse time overvoltage stage
  • Three-phase definite time undervoltage stage
  • Control input for blocking the function of the undervoltage stage by means of an external control signal
  • Automatic blocking of the undervoltage
  • Serial interface for bus connection module and fiber-optic substation bus
  • Continuous self-supervision of relay hardware and software for enhanced system reliability and availability



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