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Relion 620 series

The 620 series relays provide you with standard configurations and features:

  • Standard configurations for several applications.
  • Ethernet and serial communication
  • The relays are ready after setting the application-specific protection parameters.
  • Control of circuit breakers via the relays’ HMI or a remote control system.
  • Customizable single line mimic diagrams in the local HMI.
  • Patented plug-in design speeds up installation, maintenance and testing and allows the cases to be installed and wired before delivery of the plug-in units.
  • Compact design allowing excellent suitability for new and retrofit installations.
  • High performance GOOSE messaging.
  • Advanced earth fault/ground fault protection, including transient protection to detect faults in any cable and overhead network (REF620 ANSI/IEC).
  • Three-channel arc-fault protection to increase personal safety (REF620 ANSI/IEC, REM620 ANSI/IEC and RET620 ANSI/IEC)
  • Six setting groups
  • Cable fault detection (REF620 ANSI)
  • Web-browser base user interface 

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