Compact Energy Storage Modules (cESM)

Compact Energy Storage Module offers high power from minimal layout, performing all energy storage applications in given power range.

The modular concept of a compact energy storage module (cESM) allows users to easily choose the correct ratings for desired applications with variable options available in power and battery capacity. All necessary equipment is included in standard size cabinets to connect the product to the LV network, together with control and communication equipment, for local and remote operation. The optimized layout makes a cESM ideal for indoor installation.

Key benefits

  • Expandable design with optimized layout makes Compact ESM ideal for indoor installation
  • Performs all energy storage applications in given power range
  • Provides a stable and continuous power supply to residential and commercial loads regardless of the supply source status
  • Improves power quality and lowers power charges together with cost of energy
  • Enables DC fast charging without increasing demand charges
  • Provides smooth integration of solar by reducing variability

Key features

  • Peak shaving 
  • Load shifting 
  • Power quality improvement 
  • Reactive power compensation 
  • Renewable integration 
  • Back-up power

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