Transfer system solutions

Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to critical loads and processes

It is paramount to ensure power supply for essential electrical equipment by changing over from one source of power to the stand-by feeder as fast as possible. 

And the wide range of transfer solutions offered by ABB's Electrification Digital Systems ensures that only the right candidate is deployed based on the customer process requirements. Three types of transfer solutions are offered, depending on the transfer timing requirements and the deployed protection relays at the incomer feeders. 

Selection of solution variants can be done in accordance with the customer's system requirements for transfer withstand duration.

  1. Automatic transfer system (ATS) with Relion protection relays based on IEC 61850 communication standard for medium and low voltage systems, with a transfer time of approximately 200-300 ms. This solution is deployed for non-critical applications.
  2. High speed transfer system with SUE 4000, solution based on the highest standard of technology and cybersecurity with REX640 relays with a transfer time around 100 ms. To achieve higher performance SUE 3000 based on REX542plus relays must be used, with a transfer time around 30 ms. This solution is deployed for critical applications.


  • Incomer undervoltage/underfrequency protection detection to shifting load to alternate source (closure of bus coupler or closure of alternative source)


  • Zero loss of power supply, productivity, and finished goods’ deliveries to the supply chain
  • Safety of equipment and personnel
  • Zero environmental impact

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