Electrical House (eHouse) Solutions

Reduce site complexity, improve lead time

ABB eHouses are prefabricated transportable substations, designed to house medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, critical power equipment and automation cabinets.

An eHouse solution is a cost effective, risk reduced alternative to conventional concrete block and brick construction. Each eHouse module is custom engineered to meet application requirements with respect to equipment layout, site footprint limitations and logistics considerations. 

Installation of eHouse fabrication and equipment occurs in an ABB controlled facility and is delivered as a functional, fully tested module. The delivery model of a prefabricated pre-tested solution provides a reduction in site installation and commissioning works while introducing schedule predictability and an overall reduced energization period. 

The broad eHouse portfolio includes modularized multi-building solutions; productized eHouse designs such as our EcoFlex portfolio; and larger single piece designs for specific project applications. Typically site-mounted on elevated piers or directly above subsurface cable pits, eHouses can also be designed as trailer-mounted solutions.  


ABB eHouse solutions are ideally suited for any project where there is a benefit to reduce on-site work, especially for more challenging project situations, where minimized installation time is desired, when qualified personnel and materials are not always readily available, or at locations facing challenging environmental conditions. Such flexibility makes an ABB eHouse ideal for applications in segments including data centers, rail, energy storage, renewable, power generation, oil and gas, mining and processing industries.

Solution features

Fully integrated system

  • Reduced site work required, for a higher level of safety and security
  • Fully optimized, engineered, assembled and tested for rapid deployment
  • Mitigated client risk with ABB taking responsibility for equipment selections

Reduced complexity

  • Single point of contact to execute the project package
  • Simplified commercial agreement
  • Shorter startup and commissioning time
  • Harmonized payment terms and warranty period

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ABB’s integrated eHouse solutions

Join us on a short journey into the ABB factory in the Czech Republic — one of several global locations — that specializes in the development of integrated eHouse and skidded solutions.
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See how we are transforming electrification distribution infrastructures with segment specific, digitally integrated, modular solution architectures.


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