Performance Optimization Service for long product rolling mills

Advanced service combines digital technology with real-time continuous monitoring and remote expert support to achieve as yet unprecedented levels of product quality, yield and productivity in bar, wire rod and other profile mills.

Data is collected in real-time from data acquisition systems, such as IBA, or from process controllers via OPC or Modbus/TCP. It is seamlessly integrated with process control and is securely stored onsite at the customer facility using ABB Historian. Information is then visualized in intuitive dashboards which designated site and ABB personnel can access online 24/7.

The digital technology at the core of this service - ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills* - employs profile mill-specific algorithms. This allows you to harness high level plant and process data and use it to reveal trends and inter-relations between various process parameters, trace and visualize the KPI’s important to your profile rolling mill, right down to individual billet precision.

Real-time continuous monitoring and remote expert support allow to detect and analyze deviations, identify their root cause and leverage the insights gained to predict and prevent faults before they affect production.  The service includes proactive deviation alerts and reports, as well as system maintenance and updates -  ensuring smooth, reliable operation and faster, more data-driven decisions. Insights can also be leveraged across multiple sites to unlock further cost savings at enterprise level.

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*ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills is available as part of Performance Optimization Service for long product mills or as a stand-alone product.

This service is delivered via the ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for metals platform, offering continuous monitoring and expert, remote support designed to help you reach higher levels of performance optimization.

Use cases from reference installations

Identifying shear abnormality

  • Shear cut cycle time suddenly becomes higher than normal
  • The abnormality is detected and an alert sent to personnel
  • Speed feedback starts oscillating, issue with the analogue drives identified

Rectifying drive performance​

  • Higher level of torque oscillation detected for one of the stands at the mill
  • Corrective action ensures that it is brought down to normal level

Pace time analysis

  • The top graph is a snapshot of overall billet to billet gap time
  • The bottom graph shows how many billets it takes to stabilize after a downtime
  • This visualization provides opportunities for further analysis and corrective action

Cobble sample risk score

The dashboard on the right shows change of behavior for a particular looper in the top graph. On the bottom graph, associated risk score is visualized and updated automatically, and cobble probability increases based on various factors including weightage, historical data and so on.


What can you achieve with Performance Optimization Service for long product rolling mills?

Drive profitability with faster, more data-driven decisions that improve accuracy and efficiency.

Increase productivity by predicting
and preventing cobbles/unscheduled downtime and reduce start-up time with root cause analysis.

Improve yield and quality by continuously monitoring critical process parameters, analyzing their performance and taking immediate corrective action.

Optimize process performance and reduce uncertainty by identifying and utilizing knowledge on benchmark and golden campaigns.

Significantly reduce the risk of breakdowns with machine learning-based tools that improve themselves, and your performance, the more you use them.

Enhance operator effectiveness by making use of proactive, expert support via ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centers.

Leverage insights across your enterprise by integrating multiple mills to identify and analyze trends that could be impacting performance at several sites.

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