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Identifying opportunities to optimize mill performance

Profile mill fingerprint is a diagnostic service for any long product rolling mill such as bar or wire rod mills. It establishes current process and control performance levels and provides a basis for evaluating and identifying further improvement opportunities. The first part of the service includes a complete lifecycle audit of the installed equipment, identifying opportunities for better lifecycle management and forming the basis for both short- and long-term modernization plans.

The fingerprint also includes a detailed technical audit that utilizes state-of-the-art statistical algorithms to evaluate the performance of drive and looper controls, mill pacing time, shear, pinch rolls, and water box controls. As part of this service a detailed report is provided clearly indicating the gaps to improve in terms of energy, productivity, quality, yield and mill availability and recommended actions. 

In addition to this stand-alone fingerprint audit ABB offers Performance Optimization Service for long product rolling mills, an advanced service combining digital technology solution with continuous monitoring, and real-time, expert, remote support via ABB’s Collaborative Operations Center, allowing metals customers to leverage ABB’s extensive process know-how to harness plant data and use it to analyze, visualize, predict and prevent faults and failures and achieve as yet unprecedented levels of productivity, quality and yield in long product rolling.  The digital technology at the core of this service is also available as stand-alone solution called  ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills.

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