Mobile crushers

Increasing efficiency and extending the crusher life cycle

Our electrification and automation solutions guarantee a state-of-the-art system that expand the functionality and extend the life of your equipment, while maintaining your core investment. We focus on taking the steps required to upgrade systems and equipment, while integrating existing and new systems and components.

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It’s critical that dump devices be positioned correctly on both the uptake and dump spot to ensure the quality of material. Sensors are used to exactly measure the position of the devices, relative to other facilities and open areas, to ensure complete control. Our methodology includes five areas for positioning:

  1. Absolute encoder to measure the position (travel drive, slewing drive, boom angle)
  2. RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) to locate position or verify and calibrate absolute encoder positioning values
  3. Barcode positioning meter
  4. GPS applications
  5. Radar solutions

Power supply and electrification

Major mechanical and electrical installations impact the efficiency of a mine. Our engineers ensure that the right technologies and products are used to offer maximum energy savings. Based on decades of experience, we select the correct cable dimensions, and plan the layout for seamless commissioning. Our goal is to reduce your energy consumption, savings that will continue over the life of your plant.


Machines operate in tough conditions, and require instrumentation solutions that are certified to international standards. ABB’s field-proven sensor technology meets those standards and is specifically designed to perform in harsh environments. Our highly accurate sensor technology provides exact measurement values, consistently delivering the right data to the operational system.

Motors and drive systems

A bucket wheel excavator is a complex machine with many movable parts, including a boom that has to slew and raise, crawlers to move the excavator forward, and a bucket wheel that turns. All of these movements require motors and drives. Our experts ensure that both of these products are sized correctly to provide the power and control required for the application.
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