What’s new in the ABB Ability™ Operations Management System (OMS) for Mining?

The latest upgrade of OMS for Mining introduces a new dashboard functionality and more

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Do you want to know how ABB Ability™ Operations Management System plays a vital role in your mining company?

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The ABB Ability™ Operations Management System (OMS) for Mining will give mining companies higher visibility and control of operations across their facilities.

The latest upgrade has been successfully deployed to ABB partners in Canada, Sweden and Australia, both in open-pit and underground mines.

The latest features:

1. New Dashboard functionality to present real-time and historical data

This functionality added to the core system allows users easy access to their relevant dashboards and easy navigation to other views for more detailed analysis in different contexts. Suitable for mobile, desktop and large screen combined with the unique features of the dashboard gives a completely new level of understanding to your mine operations, including location mobile and fixed equipment, personnel and material.

2. Timeline View & Scheduler

This newly added functionality to the core system allows proactive, operator-friendly alarm-band presentation. When an alarm is triggered, a mine operator’s response is based on the information linked directly to ongoing activities. This information alerts the mine operator about abnormal situations, such as, delay, breakdown, equipment and personnel conflict, and is able to initiate corrective actions in real-time.


3. New Kanban View to present the status of tasks

This new functionality allows shift supervisors to follow their crews just by showing activities in different columns: dispatched, started, done and mine specific columns. Crews can jointly update and re-plan their activities avoiding unnecessary motion, inventory, transportation, waiting, inspecting, and other non-value adding activities. The use of pictures and visualization is at the core of Lean Manufacturing, and the Kanban board is one of the most well-known examples. 

4. New Cycle View to present existing operations in all active and inactive locations

A new feature that ensures mine planners and operators can follow the number of production and development cycles planned and executed in the active locations. It is a key complement for the timeline view because underground mines have typically certain uncertainties in task durations. Therefore, mine operators and planners can closely follow the impact on tonnages and meters targets of missing blast cycles.

5. New Mobile View of the reports

The mobile operator client module transforms reporting, tracking and managing of mine activities into a simple procedure, it raises awareness of operation and makes operators more observant of the impact of their activities on surroundings. This newly added functionality for visualization of reports can be quickly implemented to start delivering results immediately. 

6. Mobile Operator Station available in Android and iOS

The enhanced support of Android and iOS allow miners to deliver information to the right people at the right time at the mine and corporate levels.

The OMS for Mining coordinates and automates the weekly production schedule with real-time production execution. It creates a shift-based plan that tracks working progress and reacts to disturbances in real-time, having a positive impact on operational efficiency while lowering costs.

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